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I am Jennie Francis a qualified, registered hypnotherapist with a practice in Harley Street, London. The practice has been established since 1999 and I have helped thousands of people make positive changes to their lives. I realise that many people are skeptical of  the success of hypnotherapy but within one session my clients are converted as they feel so much better. It only takes one session to stop smoking, two sessions to overcome a fear of flying, one to three sessions to be more confident when speaking in public and only three to four sessions to get sustainable healthier eating habits. Most problems can be sorted out swiftly within a few sessions. It’s safe, relaxing and highly effective.

Hypnotherapy works to help you make changes to your life easily. It helps you break bad habits, overcome addictions, get slim and fit, let go of your fears and be more confident. Time and time again I see the transformations my clients go through to get the results they want.

If you want to have the opportunity to reach your potential, to increase your motivation and discover the real you the hypnotherapy maybe what you need.

Have a look at the treatments I offer or contact me to find out how the hypnotherapy I practice can work for you.

quotebI came to Jennie a sceptic but after three months and two stone in weight loss I am now a believer. My whole attitude and behaviour around food has changed and I’m convinced Jennie played a huge part in this. Tim Arthur, BBC London radio presenter

Be Your Best Self, a new concept in hypnosis. Live webinars delivering a variety of programmes and courses direct to you.


Be Your Best Self

Each programme will lead you through the process of creating a sense of claim in your life. Check out the courses available and find the one that’s right for you. It’s so easy, all you need to do is login every week at the given time to get a powerful session of hypnotherapy. Find out more.